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Holiday Deep Cleaning Promotion

Cute Santa

Focus on what's important, and let our team tackle your deep cleaning projects before and after the holiday festivities. We are offering a limited time promotion where you can get a 6-hour deep clean for only $160! Offer valid through December 31, 2018. We provide all cleaning supplies, except for paper towels and trash can liners.

First, we will tackle up to 3 hours of special projects YOU get to choose from:

  • Cleaning Out Refrigerator (20 min)

  • Cleaning Out Oven (40 min)

  • Cleaning Out Window Wells (2 hours)

  • Dusting the Tops of Doors and Door Mouldings (20 min)

  • Cleaning Glass Shades from Light Fixtures (40 min)

  • Descale Faucets & Showerheads (1 hour)

  • Deep Clean Window Blinds with Vinegar (20 min per set of blinds)

  • Wipe & Sanitize Garbage Cans (20 min)

  • Vacuum Out Couches & Recliners (20 min)

We do not offer laundry service or scrubbing walls due to liability. Additional hours can be booked by request at $30 per hour if you need more than 3 hours of project work completed during your session.


Then we finish with our 3 hour Deluxe package:

  • Picking up Clutter & Washing Dishes
    Limited to one strainer or one dishwasher load.

  • Shaking or Sweeping Rugs

  • Dusting Surfaces and Knick Knacks

  • Dusting Baseboards

  • Dusting Ceiling Fans
    Client needs to provide a step stool.

  • Cleaning Toilets

  • Cleaning Tubs & Showers

  • Cleaning Glass Window Panes, Entry Doors & Mirrors

  • Sweeping, Vacuuming, and Mopping Floors

  • Cleaning Microwave & Wiping the Other Appliance Faces

  • Wiping Down Cabinet Faces

  • Wiping Countertops

  • Taking Out Trash

  • Making Beds

  • Spot Cleaning Wall Smudges

  • Filling Toilet Paper Holders


Don't see it on that list? No problem. Ask us about the projects you'd like help with, and we'll see if our team can add those on to your deep cleaning package! Extra hours are subject to availability at $30 per hour. Add-ons must be arranged at the time of booking (not left on a written list during the appointment) so that we can bring adequate supplies and block enough time on the schedule.


Once you request a deep cleaning package, we will contact you within a few business days to schedule your appointment. Or you can call us at 620-805-3095 if you prefer to reach out directly. Clients are required to pay for their appointment at the time of the cleaning. We do not mail statements for one-time projects.

We hope that we can make your life a little easier and take some of your responsibilities off your plate so you can focus on friends and family during the holidays! 


You CAN "Have it Maid!"

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